10b ADC and...: This submission features: 10b SAR-ADC, Bandgap reference, Testbuffer, Clock generator, LDO, Bias Network.

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10 bit SAR-ADC + Analog Circuits

This submission features:

  • 10b SAR-ADC on powered from external supply.
  • 10b SAR-ADC powered from internal regulators.
  • Bandgap reference.
  • Testbuffer with multiplexer input.
  • Clock generator
  • 2 linear regulators, 1.2V and 1.5V.
  • Bias current/voltage generator.

Included are:

  • Hierachical GDS of the whole layout with all individual blocks.
  • Schematics for all parts of the layout.
  • Testbenches for all the individual blocks.
  • Simulation corners setups for process corner simulations.


Simply source cadrc in the xschem folder and execute xschem afterwards to get an full overview.

Top Schematic


Top-level layout