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This repository is a branch of the caravel_user_project repository, modified for the tapeout of a 512-LUT4 FPGA generated using PRGA.

A 512-LUT4 FPGA generated using PRGA (Princeton Reconfigurable Gate Array)

  • An 8x8 array of CLBs, each containing 8 LUT4s and 8 DFFs and a local programmable crossbar for intra-CLB routing
  • 24-track routing channel with L1 tracks
  • Capable of implementing 16 out of 30 ISCAS'89 circuits

License UPRJ_CI Caravel Build


We used a three level hierarchical design:

  • 1x Caravel user project wrapper
    • 1x PRGA top
      • 64x CLB tile