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Caravel User Project

License UPRJ_CI Caravel Build

:exclamation: Important Note

Please fill in your project documentation in this file

Refer to README for a quick start of how to use caravel_user_project

Refer to README for this sample project documentation. Quick Launch for Designers


Running the simulation

Assuming you already:

  • went throught the quick start for setting up your environemnt,
  • integrated your design into the user's wrapper and
  • hardenned your design as well as the user's wrapper (for GL simulation)
make simenv
SIM=RTL make verify-<dv-test>
# OR
SIM=GL make verify-<dv-test>

<dv-test>: io_ports, mprj_stimulus, la_test1, la_test2 or wb_port.

For advanced users

Simulation Environment Setup