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-# Caravel Analog User
+# CMOS Rail-To-Rail Comparator
+This project is the implementation of a simple rail-to-rail comparator with its bias circuitry using Skywater 130nm technology.
+The purpose of this project is to test the open source tools provided with the PDK and to go through all the steps of the analog design flow.
+Two different circuits are instantiated in the analog version of the caravel:
+- A CMOS push-pull comparator with 2 differential pairs (NMOS and PMOS).
+- A bootstrap current reference.
-[![License](]( [![CI](]( [![Caravan Build](](
+## CMOS Comparator
+The schematic of the comparator was deisgned as follows :
+## Bias circuit
+The schematic of the bias circuit was deisgned as follows :
+![Comparator Bias](./docs/comparator_bias.png)
-| :exclamation: Important Note            |
+## Simulation
+We simulated the comparator with a voltage ramp at the negative input and a sinusoidal signal at the positive input. The output is a digital signal that triggers at the intersection of the 2 analog input signals.
-## Please fill in your project documentation in this file 
-:warning: | Use this sample project for analog user projects. 
-:---: | :---
-Refer to [README](docs/source/index.rst) for this sample project documentation. 
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