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name: multi_tool
# either manually started, or on a schedule
on: [ push, workflow_dispatch ]
OPENLANE_ROOT: /home/runner/openlane
PDK_ROOT: /home/runner/pdk
PDK: sky130B
# ubuntu
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
# need the repo checked out
- name: checkout repo
uses: actions/checkout@v2
# build pdk
- name: pdk & openlane & precheck
run: |
make setup
make precheck
- name: multi tools
run: |
cd $HOME
git clone
# install riscv gcc
- name: riscv gcc
run: |
cd $HOME
tar -xzf riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc-8.3.0-2020.04.1-x86_64-linux-ubuntu14.tar.gz
# remove existing compressed gds
- name: remove compressed gds
run: |
rm -f gds/*gz
find /home/runner/work/zero_to_asic_mpw7/zero_to_asic_mpw7/
# install oss fpga tools
- name: install oss-cad-suite
uses: YosysHQ/setup-oss-cad-suite@v1
python-override: true # don't want to use that python
- run: |
yosys --version
iverilog -V
which python3
which python
python3 -V
python -V
cocotb-config --libpython
cocotb-config --python-bin
# need python
- name: setup python
uses: actions/setup-python@v2
python-version: '3.7.7'
cache: 'pip'
- run: pip install -r $HOME/multi_project_tools/requirements.txt
# test python
- name: test python
cocotb-config --libpython
cocotb-config --python-bin
# fetch the repos
- name: fetch all
run: |
mkdir /home/runner/projects
python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --clone-repos --clone-shared-repos --openram
gunzip -r /home/runner/projects
find /home/runner/projects -name '*gds*'
# install projects
- name: install project
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --create-openlane-config --copy-project --openram --copy-gds --force
# tests
- name: test gds
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --test-gds
# - name: test prove tristate - fails due to logic loop in silife
# run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --prove-tristate --openram
- name: test ports
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --test-ports
- name: test module
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --test-module
- name: prove wrapper
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --prove-wrapper
# needs netgen
# - name: lvs
# run: python ./ --test-lvs --local github_local.yaml
# needs local directory from multi_project
# - name: tristate-z
# run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --test-tristate-z
- name: docs
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --generate-doc --openram --force
# test tristate driver, not working yet on github actions
# - name: tristate driver
# run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --test-tristate-driver
# run the caravel test
- name: caravel test
run: python $HOME/multi_project_tools/ --test-caravel
# build gds
- name: user project wrapper GDS
run: make user_project_wrapper
- name: precheck
run: make run-precheck
# archive the gds and final report for the user project wrapper
- name: Archive Wrapper GDS
uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
name: Wrapper GDS
path: gds/user_project_wrapper.gds
- name: Archive Wrapper Signoff
uses: actions/upload-artifact@v2
name: Wrapper Report
path: openlane/user_project_wrapper/runs/user_project_wrapper/reports/final_summary_report.csv