Zero to ASIC...: Zero to ASIC course group submission MPW7.

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Zero to ASIC Group submission MPW7

This ASIC was designed by members of the Zero to ASIC course.

This submission was configured and built by the multi project tools at commit 3a2cb30fe243a183bdeedd0a54067176d002ba67.

The configuration files are projects.yaml & local.yaml. See the CI for how the build works.

# clone all repos, and include support for shared OpenRAM
./ --clone-repos --clone-shared-repos --create-openlane-config --copy-gds --copy-project --openram

# run all the tests
./ --test-all --force-delete

# build user project wrapper submission
cd $CARAVEL_ROOT; make user_project_wrapper

# create docs
./ --generate-doc --annotate-image

multi macro

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Function generator

Function generator



Educational tpu

Educational tpu