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/* File : core_portme.h */
Author : Shay Gal-On, EEMBC
Legal : TODO!
/* Topic : Description
This file contains configuration constants required to execute on different platforms
/* Data types and settings */
/* Configuration : HAS_FLOAT
Define to 1 if the platform supports floating point.
#ifndef HAS_FLOAT
#define HAS_FLOAT 0
/* Configuration : HAS_TIME_H
Define to 1 if platform has the time.h header file,
and implementation of functions thereof.
#ifndef HAS_TIME_H
#define HAS_TIME_H 0
/* Configuration : USE_CLOCK
Define to 1 if platform has the time.h header file,
and implementation of functions thereof.
#ifndef USE_CLOCK
#define USE_CLOCK 0
/* Configuration : HAS_STDIO
Define to 1 if the platform has stdio.h.
#ifndef HAS_STDIO
#define HAS_STDIO 1
/* Configuration : HAS_PRINTF
Define to 1 if the platform has stdio.h and implements the printf function.
#ifndef HAS_PRINTF
#define HAS_PRINTF 0
#include "sc_print.h"
#define ee_printf sc_printf
/* static inline int ee_printf(const char *fmt, ...) {} */
/* Configuration : CORE_TICKS
Define type of return from the timing functions.
/* #include <time.h> */
/* typedef clock_t CORE_TICKS; */
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
#define CORETIMETYPE uint32_t
typedef uint32_t CORE_TICKS;
Initialize these strings per platform
#ifdef __GNUC__
#define COMPILER_VERSION "Please put compiler version here (e.g. gcc 4.1)"
#define COMPILER_FLAGS FLAGS_STR /* "Please put compiler flags here (e.g. -o3)" */
/* #define MEM_LOCATION "STACK" */
/* Data Types :
To avoid compiler issues, define the data types that need ot be used for 8b, 16b and 32b in <core_portme.h>.
*Imprtant* :
ee_ptr_int needs to be the data type used to hold pointers, otherwise coremark may fail!!!
typedef int16_t ee_s16;
typedef uint16_t ee_u16;
typedef int32_t ee_s32;
typedef float ee_f32;
typedef uint8_t ee_u8;
typedef uint32_t ee_u32;
typedef uintptr_t ee_ptr_int;
typedef size_t ee_size_t;
/* align_mem :
This macro is used to align an offset to point to a 32b value. It is used in the Matrix algorithm to initialize the input memory blocks.
#define align_mem(x) (void *)(4 + (((ee_ptr_int)(x) - 1) & ~3))
/* Configuration : SEED_METHOD
Defines method to get seed values that cannot be computed at compile time.
Valid values :
SEED_ARG - from command line.
SEED_FUNC - from a system function.
SEED_VOLATILE - from volatile variables.
/* Configuration : MEM_METHOD
Defines method to get a block of memry.
Valid values :
MEM_MALLOC - for platforms that implement malloc and have malloc.h.
MEM_STATIC - to use a static memory array.
MEM_STACK - to allocate the data block on the stack (NYI).
#ifndef MEM_METHOD
/* #define MEM_METHOD MEM_STACK */
/* Configuration : MULTITHREAD
Define for parallel execution
Valid values :
1 - only one context (default).
N>1 - will execute N copies in parallel.
Note :
If this flag is defined to more then 1, an implementation for launching parallel contexts must be defined.
Two sample implementations are provided. Use <USE_PTHREAD> or <USE_FORK> to enable them.
It is valid to have a different implementation of <core_start_parallel> and <core_end_parallel> in <core_portme.c>,
to fit a particular architecture.
#define USE_PTHREAD 0
#define USE_FORK 0
#define USE_SOCKET 0
/* Configuration : MAIN_HAS_NOARGC
Needed if platform does not support getting arguments to main.
Valid values :
0 - argc/argv to main is supported
1 - argc/argv to main is not supported
Note :
This flag only matters if MULTITHREAD has been defined to a value greater then 1.
/* Configuration : MAIN_HAS_NORETURN
Needed if platform does not support returning a value from main.
Valid values :
0 - main returns an int, and return value will be 0.
1 - platform does not support returning a value from main
/* Variable : default_num_contexts
Not used for this simple port, must cintain the value 1.
extern ee_u32 default_num_contexts;
typedef struct CORE_PORTABLE_S {
ee_u8 portable_id;
} core_portable;
/* target specific init/fini */
void portable_init(core_portable *p, int *argc, char *argv[]);
void portable_fini(core_portable *p);
#if !defined(PROFILE_RUN) && !defined(PERFORMANCE_RUN) && !defined(VALIDATION_RUN)
#if (TOTAL_DATA_SIZE==1200)
#define PROFILE_RUN 1
#elif (TOTAL_DATA_SIZE==2000)
typedef ee_s16 MATDAT;
typedef ee_s32 MATRES;
ee_u16 crcu8(ee_u8 data, ee_u16 crc ) __attribute__ ((hot));
ee_u16 crcu16(ee_u16 newval, ee_u16 crc) __attribute__ ((hot));
ee_u16 crcu32(ee_u32 newval, ee_u16 crc) __attribute__ ((hot));
ee_u16 crc16(ee_s16 newval, ee_u16 crc) __attribute__ ((hot));
ee_s16 matrix_sum(ee_u32 N, MATRES *C, MATDAT clipval) __attribute__ ((hot));
void matrix_mul_const(ee_u32 N, MATRES *C, MATDAT *A, MATDAT val) __attribute__ ((hot));
void matrix_mul_vect(ee_u32 N, MATRES *C, MATDAT *A, MATDAT *B) __attribute__ ((hot));
void matrix_mul_matrix(ee_u32 N, MATRES *C, MATDAT *A, MATDAT *B) __attribute__ ((hot));
void matrix_mul_matrix_bitextract(ee_u32 N, MATRES *C, MATDAT *A, MATDAT *B) __attribute__ ((hot));
void matrix_add_const(ee_u32 N, MATDAT *A, MATDAT val) __attribute__ ((hot));
#endif /* CORE_PORTME_H */