VREF output short circuit corrected.
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A resistorless self-biased current source intended to be integrated in the efabless MPW4.

Table of contents


A resistorless self-biased current source based on [1] using series-parallel current mirrors [2]

Target Performance Summary

VDD1.0-1.8 V
Total current3.50 μA
Output current0.27 μA
Temperature stability0.5 %/V
Supply stability1160 ppm/°C
Area100 x 60 μm²


Schematics and Layouts

image image

Self-biased current source circuit diagram

Simulation Results

TT corner

image image image image

Status and Issues

  • There are no schematics. All simulations are from extracted netlists.
  • This project also contains a CMOS only voltage reference based on the main current-source, but there is no documentation available.
  • There is a second version of the same current source, but using high-voltage transistors. Only the layer types were replaced.
  • Documentation is extremely incomplete.

Team members

Ph.D. Luís Henrique Rodovalho (Rodovalho) | luishenriquerodovalho@gmail.com |


[1] Serra-Graells, Francisco, and Jose Luis Huertas. “Sub-1-V CMOS proportional-to-absolute temperature references.” IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 38.1 (2003): 84-88.

[2] Arnaud, Alfredo, Rafaella Fiorelli, and Carlos Galup-Montoro. “Nanowatt, sub-nS OTAs, with sub-10-mV input offset, using series-parallel current mirrors.” IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 41.9 (2006): 2009-2018.