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* SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 Efabless Corporation
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
/* Start code that enables and handles IRQs */
/* Code modified specifically for this testbench */
#include "custom_ops.S"
.section .text
.global irq
j start
.balign 16
# this interrupt handler adapted from Claire's here:
/* save registers */
sw gp, 0*4+0x200(zero)
sw x1, 1*4+0x200(zero)
sw x2, 2*4+0x200(zero)
sw x3, 3*4+0x200(zero)
sw x4, 4*4+0x200(zero)
sw x5, 5*4+0x200(zero)
sw x6, 6*4+0x200(zero)
sw x7, 7*4+0x200(zero)
sw x8, 8*4+0x200(zero)
sw x9, 9*4+0x200(zero)
sw x10, 10*4+0x200(zero)
sw x11, 11*4+0x200(zero)
sw x12, 12*4+0x200(zero)
sw x13, 13*4+0x200(zero)
sw x14, 14*4+0x200(zero)
sw x15, 15*4+0x200(zero)
sw x16, 16*4+0x200(zero)
sw x17, 17*4+0x200(zero)
sw x18, 18*4+0x200(zero)
sw x19, 19*4+0x200(zero)
sw x20, 20*4+0x200(zero)
sw x21, 21*4+0x200(zero)
sw x22, 22*4+0x200(zero)
sw x23, 23*4+0x200(zero)
sw x24, 24*4+0x200(zero)
sw x25, 25*4+0x200(zero)
sw x26, 26*4+0x200(zero)
sw x27, 27*4+0x200(zero)
sw x28, 28*4+0x200(zero)
sw x29, 29*4+0x200(zero)
sw x30, 30*4+0x200(zero)
sw x31, 31*4+0x200(zero)
// call to C function
jal ra, irq
// retire interrupt
.balign 0x200
// registers are saved to this memory region during interrupt handling
// the program counter is saved as register 0
.fill 32,4
# zero-initialize register file
addi x1, zero, 0
# x2 (sp) is initialized by reset
addi x3, zero, 0
addi x4, zero, 0
addi x5, zero, 0
addi x6, zero, 0
addi x7, zero, 0
addi x8, zero, 0
addi x9, zero, 0
addi x10, zero, 0
addi x11, zero, 0
addi x12, zero, 0
addi x13, zero, 0
addi x14, zero, 0
addi x15, zero, 0
addi x16, zero, 0
addi x17, zero, 0
addi x18, zero, 0
addi x19, zero, 0
addi x20, zero, 0
addi x21, zero, 0
addi x22, zero, 0
addi x23, zero, 0
addi x24, zero, 0
addi x25, zero, 0
addi x26, zero, 0
addi x27, zero, 0
addi x28, zero, 0
addi x29, zero, 0
addi x30, zero, 0
addi x31, zero, 0
# zero initialize scratchpad memory
# setmemloop:
# sw zero, 0(x1)
# addi x1, x1, 4
# blt x1, sp, setmemloop
# This part copied from Tim's demo.
# Write these instructions to memory location zero and following:
# lui t4, 0x10000 = 10000eb7
# addi t4, t4, 4 = 0e91
# jalr t4, 0 = 000e80e7
# These three instructions jump to 0x10000004, which is the location
# of the interrupt handler. For a fast interrupt handler, the whole
# handler should be moved into SRAM.
li t4, 0x10000eb7
sw t4, 0(zero)
li t4, 0x80e70e91
sw t4, 4(zero)
li t4, 0x000e
sw t4, 8(zero)
# Enable the user interrupts only on irq[14:12]
# needs to be 0 to allow the interrupt
li t4, 0x8FFF
picorv32_maskirq_insn(t4, t4)
# call main
call main
j loop
.global flashio_worker_begin
.global flashio_worker_end
# a0 ... data pointer
# a1 ... data length
# a2 ... optional WREN cmd (0 = disable)
# address of SPI ctrl reg
li t0, 0x02000000
# Set CS high, IO0 is output
li t1, 0x120
sh t1, 0(t0)
# Enable Manual SPI Ctrl
sb zero, 3(t0)
# Send optional WREN cmd
beqz a2, flashio_worker_L1
li t5, 8
andi t2, a2, 0xff
srli t4, t2, 7
sb t4, 0(t0)
ori t4, t4, 0x10
sb t4, 0(t0)
slli t2, t2, 1
andi t2, t2, 0xff
addi t5, t5, -1
bnez t5, flashio_worker_L4
sb t1, 0(t0)
# SPI transfer
beqz a1, flashio_worker_L3
li t5, 8
lbu t2, 0(a0)
srli t4, t2, 7
sb t4, 0(t0)
ori t4, t4, 0x10
sb t4, 0(t0)
lbu t4, 0(t0)
andi t4, t4, 2
srli t4, t4, 1
slli t2, t2, 1
or t2, t2, t4
andi t2, t2, 0xff
addi t5, t5, -1
bnez t5, flashio_worker_L2
sb t2, 0(a0)
addi a0, a0, 1
addi a1, a1, -1
j flashio_worker_L1
# Back to MEMIO mode
li t1, 0x80
sb t1, 3(t0)