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Signed-off-by: Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk <>
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 [![License](]( [![UPRJ_CI](]( [![Caravel Build](](
-| :exclamation: Important Note            |
-## Please fill in your project documentation in this file 
+# SHA-1 engine
+See a []( for the full git history of this code. Branch name is submission-mpw-two-c.
-Refer to [README](docs/source/index.rst) for this sample project documentation. 
+This is an implementation of [](RFC 3174) of SHA-1 engine.
+It is not the most secure one nowadays (it is still used for git commit ids and TPM PCR values), but
+it looked like the easiest of the SHA engines to implement. The communication channel is via
+WishBone commands to provide sixteen words after which the engine starts and computes the digest
+in about 160 cycles. Then digest can be retrieved via the wishbone. There is a IRQ line so when
+it has completed it will bring it high if that is enabled.
+If you want to see this more interactively, I would recommend you clone
+[]( and run
+make test_wb_logic
+which will use the various WishBone commands to program it.
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-  description: "A template SoC for Google sponsored Open MPW shuttles for SKY130."
+  description: "A SHA-1 engine using WishBone to calculate digest."
   foundry: "SkyWater"
-  git_url: ""
-  organization: "Efabless"
-  organization_url: ""
-  owner: "Tim Edwards"
+  git_url: ""
+  organization: ""
+  organization_url: ""
+  owner: "Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk"
   process: "SKY130"
   project_name: "Caravel"
   project_id: "00000000"
@@ -16,4 +16,4 @@
   top_level_netlist: "caravel/verilog/gl/caravel.v"
   user_level_netlist: "verilog/gl/user_project_wrapper.v"
   version: "1.00"
-  cover_image: "docs/source/_static/caravel_harness.png"
+  cover_image: "pics/sha1.png"
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