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Executing Step 0 of 8: Extracting GDS Files
Step 0 done without fatal errors.
Executing Step 1 of 8: Project License Check
{{LICENSE COMPLIANCE PASSED}} Apache-2.0 LICENSE file was found in project root
SPDX COMPLIANCE Found 2 non-compliant files with the SPDX Standard. Check full log for more information
SPDX COMPLIANCE: NON-COMPLIANT FILES PREVIEW: ['/home/dinesha/workarea/opencore/git/yifive_r0/', '/home/dinesha/workarea/opencore/git/yifive_r0/verilog/rtl/syntacore/scr1/']
Executing Step 2 of 8: YAML File Check
YAML file valid!
Step 2 done without fatal errors.
Detected Project Type is "digital"
Executing Step 3 of 8: Project Compliance Checks
b'Going into /home/dinesha/workarea/opencore/git/yifive_r0/caravel'
b'Removing manifest'
b'Fetching manifest'
b'Running sha1sum checks'
Manifest Checks Passed. Caravel Version Matches.
Makefile Checks Passed.