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// SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2020 Efabless Corporation
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
`default_nettype none
module mgmt_core (
inout VPWR,
inout VGND,
// GPIO (dedicated pad)
output gpio_out_pad, // Connect to out on gpio pad
input gpio_in_pad, // Connect to in on gpio pad
output gpio_mode0_pad, // Connect to dm[0] on gpio pad
output gpio_mode1_pad, // Connect to dm[2] on gpio pad
output gpio_outenb_pad, // Connect to oe_n on gpio pad
output gpio_inenb_pad, // Connect to inp_dis on gpio pad
// Flash memory control (SPI master)
output flash_csb,
output flash_clk,
output flash_csb_oeb,
output flash_clk_oeb,
output flash_io0_oeb,
output flash_io1_oeb,
output flash_csb_ieb,
output flash_clk_ieb,
output flash_io0_ieb, output flash_io1_ieb,
output flash_io0_do,
output flash_io1_do,
input flash_io0_di,
input flash_io1_di,
// Master reset
input resetb,
input porb,
// Clocking
input clock,
// LA signals
input [127:0] la_input, // From User Project to cpu
output [127:0] la_output, // From CPU to User Project
output [127:0] la_oen, // LA output enable
// Housekeeping SPI
output sdo_out,
output sdo_outenb,
output jtag_out,
output jtag_outenb,
// User Project Control Signals
input [`MPRJ_IO_PADS-1:0] mgmt_in_data,
output [`MPRJ_IO_PADS-1:0] mgmt_out_data,
output [`MPRJ_PWR_PADS-1:0] pwr_ctrl_out,
input mprj_vcc_pwrgood,
input mprj2_vcc_pwrgood,
input mprj_vdd_pwrgood,
input mprj2_vdd_pwrgood,
output mprj_io_loader_resetn,
output mprj_io_loader_clock,
output mprj_io_loader_data,
// WB MI A (User project)
input mprj_ack_i,
input [31:0] mprj_dat_i,
output mprj_cyc_o,
output mprj_stb_o,
output mprj_we_o,
output [3:0] mprj_sel_o,
output [31:0] mprj_adr_o,
output [31:0] mprj_dat_o,
output core_clk,
output user_clk,
output core_rstn,
// Metal programmed user ID / mask revision vector
input [31:0] mask_rev,
// MGMT area R/W interface for mgmt RAM
output [`RAM_BLOCKS-1:0] mgmt_ena,
output [(`RAM_BLOCKS*4)-1:0] mgmt_wen_mask,
output [`RAM_BLOCKS-1:0] mgmt_wen,
output [7:0] mgmt_addr,
output [31:0] mgmt_wdata,
input [(`RAM_BLOCKS*32)-1:0] mgmt_rdata,
// MGMT area RO interface for user RAM
output mgmt_ena_ro,
output [7:0] mgmt_addr_ro,
input [31:0] mgmt_rdata_ro
wire ext_clk_sel;
wire pll_clk, pll_clk90;
wire ext_reset;
wire hk_connect;
wire trap;
wire irq_spi;
// JTAG (to be implemented)
wire jtag_out;
wire jtag_out_pre = 1'b0;
wire jtag_outenb = 1'b1;
wire jtag_oenb_state;
// SDO
wire sdo_out;
wire sdo_out_pre;
wire sdo_oenb_state;
// Housekeeping SPI vectors
wire [4:0] spi_pll_div;
wire [2:0] spi_pll_sel;
wire [2:0] spi_pll90_sel;
wire [25:0] spi_pll_trim;
// Override default function for SDO and JTAG outputs if purposely
// set for override by the management SoC.
assign sdo_out = (sdo_oenb_state == 1'b0) ? mgmt_out_data[1] : sdo_out_pre;
assign jtag_out = (jtag_oenb_state == 1'b0) ? mgmt_out_data[0] : jtag_out_pre;
caravel_clocking clocking(
.ext_reset(ext_reset), // From housekeeping SPI
// These wires are defined in the SoC but are not being used because
// the SoC flash is reduced to a 2-pin I/O
wire flash_io2_oeb, flash_io3_oeb;
wire flash_io2_ieb, flash_io3_ieb;
wire flash_io2_di, flash_io3_di;
wire flash_io2_do, flash_io3_do;
wire pass_thru_mgmt_sdo, pass_thru_mgmt_csb;
wire pass_thru_mgmt_sck, pass_thru_mgmt_sdi;
wire pass_thru_reset;
wire spi_pll_ena, spi_pll_dco_ena;
// The following functions are connected to specific user project
// area pins, when under control of the management area (during
// startup, and when not otherwise programmed for the user project).
// JTAG = jtag_out (inout)
// SDO = sdo_out (output) (shared with SPI master)
// SDI = mgmt_in_data[2] (input) (shared with SPI master)
// CSB = mgmt_in_data[3] (input) (shared with SPI master)
// SCK = mgmt_in_data[4] (input) (shared with SPI master)
// ser_rx = mgmt_in_data[5] (input)
// ser_tx = mgmt_out_data[6] (output)
// irq = mgmt_in_data[7] (input)
// flash_csb = mgmt_out_data[8] (output) (user area flash)
// flash_sck = mgmt_out_data[9] (output) (user area flash)
// flash_io0 = mgmt_in/out_data[10] (input) (user area flash)
// flash_io1 = mgmt_in/out_data[11] (output) (user area flash)
// irq2_pin = mgmt_in_data[12] (input)
// trap_mon = mgmt_in_data[13] (output)
// clk1_mon = mgmt_in_data[14] (output)
// clk2_mon = mgmt_in_data[15] (output)
// OEB lines for [0] and [1] are the only ones connected directly to
// the pad. All others have OEB controlled by the configuration bit
// in the control block.
mgmt_soc soc (
// Flash
// SPI pass-through to/from SPI flash controller
// SDO and JTAG state for output override
// SPI master->slave direct connection
// Secondary clock (for monitoring)
// Logic Analyzer
// User Project I/O Configuration
// I/O data
// User Project Slave ports (WB MI A)
// MGMT area R/W interface for mgmt RAM
// MGMT area RO interface for user RAM
digital_pll pll (
.clockp({pll_clk, pll_clk90}),
// Housekeeping SPI (SPI slave module)
housekeeping_spi housekeeping (
.SCK((hk_connect) ? mgmt_out_data[4] : mgmt_in_data[4]),
.SDI((hk_connect) ? mgmt_out_data[2] : mgmt_in_data[2]),
.CSB((hk_connect) ? mgmt_out_data[3] : mgmt_in_data[3]),
`default_nettype wire