foundryslot-001peripheral-maxsram: Caravel management SoC attached to the largest possible SRAM that can fit the user's area.slot-002peripheral-vdp-lite: VGA sprite generator.slot-003SoC-softshell: Multicore RISC-V MCU for developing software defined peripherals.slot-004analog-spike-neuron: A 10 bit DAC and an analog neural network neuron.slot-005SoC-sha3: SoC targetted at SHA-3 cryptomining.slot-006peripheral-spectrometer: A digital spectrometer SoC consisting of the SDF-FFT and its support circuitry.slot-007SoC-ibtida: SoC built around Buraq-Mini, a RISC-V based 5 stage pipelined core.slot-008SoC-hs32: HS32 RISC CPU and peripherals.slot-009test-astria: Test circuits for stochastic computation, namely the synthesizable comparators for a stochastic ADC.slot-010SoC-pyfive: SoC testing peripherals for future SoC targeting Micro/Circuit Python.slot-011test-ls130: Test of the Libresilicon generated standard cell library, LS130.slot-012peripheral-mph: Test of building a multi-project-harness inside the user project area.slot-013peripheral-rapcore: Robotic Application Processing Core targetted at motor and motion controller.slot-014test-morphlelogic: Test of Mophle Logic reconfigurable hardware.slot-015peripheral-prng: A pseudo random number generator oriented towards random cache placement and replacement for critical real-time processors.slot-016analog-amsat: 1.3-3.6 GHz Fractional-N Phase Locked Loop and Bandgap reference aimed at Amatuer Radio Satellite Transceiver.slot-017fpga-sofa-hd: Skywater Opensource FPGA (SOFA) - High Density Designslot-018SoC-ghazi: SoC designed by Micro Electronics Research Laboratory in Pakistan.slot-019analog-opamp-fulgor: Operational amplifier (opamp) based on the Miller topology.slot-020SoC-qrib: SoC build around a RISC-V Processor instrumented for learning.slot-021SoC-featherweight: SoC built around the Featherweight CPU and support peripherals.slot-022peripheral-opentdc: Time to Digital Converter (TDC) and a Fine Delay (FD) design.slot-023analog-ota-ldo-vco: Analog and RF circuits including, 5 transistor OTA with trimming resistors to adjust bias, LDO and VCO at 2.45GHz for BT, WiFi applications.slot-024peripheral-fault-spm: 32-bit serial parallel multiplier with design-for-testability (DFT) structures.slot-025peripheral-decred-miner: Blockchain-based cryptocurrency that utilizes a hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) mining system.slot-026SoC-microwatt: Microwatt, a 64bit OpenPOWER core.slot-027SoC-6502: An 8bit processor based on the MOS 6502.slot-028SoC-el2: SoC built around N5 (RV32IC) CPU including peripherals.slot-029peripheral-aes: AES accelerator peripheral core.slot-030fpga-sofa-open: Skywater Opensource FPGA (SOFA) hardened using entirely open source flow (OpenLANE).slot-031SoC-Ibex: SoC built around Ibex CPU with AHB-Lite connected peripherals.slot-032SoC-nfive32: SoC built around N5 (RV32IC) CPU to validate several open-source IPs.slot-033peripheral-linsorter: A digital linear insertion sorter accelerator.slot-034fpga-fpga250: FPGA250 is an FPGA designed by UC Berkeley's CS250 class of Fall 2020 and includes a 4x3 grid of CLBs, a multiply-accumulate unit and flexibly-shaped SRAM block.slot-035peripheral-crypto-vga: AES128/256 accelerator core and a VGA graphics/game demo.slot-036fpga-sofa-qlhd: Skywater Opensource FPGA (SOFA) - QLHD Designslot-037analog-collection: Collection of analog circuits including LVDS receiver, ring oscillator, differential VCO, power amplifier and folded cascode opamp.slot-038peripheral-dsp48dac: An experimental W2W DAC and 25x16, 48 MACC DSP block.slot-039fpga-sofa-chd: Skywater Opensource FPGA (SOFA) - CHD Designslot-040SoC-osu: Single-cycle RISC-V processor developed by OSU.