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#!/bin/env python3
# ---
# Compose the final GDS for caravel from the caravel GDS, seal ring
# GDS, and fill GDS.
import sys
import os
import re
import subprocess
def usage():
print(" [layout_name] [-keep]")
return 0
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
optionlist = []
arguments = []
debugmode = False
keepmode = False
for option in sys.argv[1:]:
if option.find('-', 0) == 0:
if len(arguments) > 1:
print("Wrong number of arguments given to")
if len(arguments) == 1:
project = arguments[0]
project = 'caravel'
if '-debug' in optionlist:
debugmode = True
if '-keep' in optionlist:
keepmode = True
magdir = '../mag'
rcfile = magdir + '/.magicrc'
with open(magdir + '/compose_final.tcl', 'w') as ofile:
print('#!/bin/env wish', file=ofile)
print('drc off', file=ofile)
print('load ' + project + ' -dereference', file=ofile)
print('select top cell', file=ofile)
# Ceate a cell to represent the generated fill. There are
# no magic layers corresponding to the fill shape data, and
# it's gigabytes anyway, so we don't want to deal with any
# actual data. So it's just a placeholder.
print('set bbox [box values]', file=ofile)
print('load ' + project + '_fill_pattern', file=ofile)
print('snap internal', file=ofile)
print('box values {*}$bbox', file=ofile)
print('paint comment', file=ofile)
print('property GDS_FILE ../gds/' + project + '_fill_pattern.gds', file=ofile)
print('property GDS_START 0', file=ofile)
print('property FIXED_BBOX "$bbox"', file=ofile)
# Now go back to the project top level and place the fill cell.
print('load ' + project, file=ofile)
print('select top cell', file=ofile)
print('getcell ' + project + '_fill_pattern child 0 0', file=ofile)
# Move existing origin to (6um, 6um) for seal ring placement
print('move origin -6um -6um', file=ofile)
# Read in abstract view of seal ring
print('box position 0 0', file=ofile)
print('getcell advSeal_6um_gen', file=ofile)
# Generate final GDS
print('puts stdout "Writing final GDS. . . "', file=ofile)
print('flush stdout', file=ofile)
print('gds write ../gds/' + project + '_final.gds', file=ofile)
print('quit -noprompt', file=ofile)
myenv = os.environ.copy()
# Abstract views are appropriate for final composition
myenv['MAGTYPE'] = 'maglef'
mproc =['magic', '-dnull', '-noconsole',
'-rcfile', rcfile, magdir + '/compose_final.tcl'],
stdin = subprocess.DEVNULL,
stdout = subprocess.PIPE,
stderr = subprocess.PIPE,
cwd = magdir,
env = myenv,
universal_newlines = True)
if mproc.stdout:
for line in mproc.stdout.splitlines():
if mproc.stderr:
print('Error message output from magic:')
for line in mproc.stderr.splitlines():
if mproc.returncode != 0:
print('ERROR: Magic exited with status ' + str(mproc.returncode))
if not keepmode:
os.remove(magdir + '/compose_final.tcl')