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`default_nettype none
// This routine synchronizes the
module caravel_clocking(
input vdd1v8,
input vss,
input resetb, // Master (negative sense) reset
input ext_clk_sel, // 0=use PLL clock, 1=use external (pad) clock
input ext_clk, // External pad (slow) clock
input pll_clk, // Internal PLL (fast) clock
input pll_clk90, // Internal PLL (fast) clock, 90 degree phase
input [2:0] sel, // Select clock divider value (0=thru, 1=divide-by-2, etc.)
input [2:0] sel2, // Select clock divider value for 90 degree phase divided clock
input ext_reset, // Positive sense reset from housekeeping SPI.
output core_clk, // Output core clock
output user_clk, // Output user (secondary) clock
output resetb_sync // Output propagated and buffered reset
wire pll_clk_sel;
wire pll_clk_divided;
wire pll_clk90_divided;
wire core_ext_clk;
reg use_pll_first;
reg use_pll_second;
reg ext_clk_syncd_pre;
reg ext_clk_syncd;
assign pll_clk_sel = ~ext_clk_sel;
// Note that this implementation does not guard against switching to
// the PLL clock if the PLL clock is not present.
always @(posedge pll_clk or negedge resetb) begin
if (resetb == 1'b0) begin
use_pll_first <= 1'b0;
use_pll_second <= 1'b0;
ext_clk_syncd <= 1'b0;
end else begin
use_pll_first <= pll_clk_sel;
use_pll_second <= use_pll_first;
ext_clk_syncd_pre <= ext_clk; // Sync ext_clk to pll_clk
ext_clk_syncd <= ext_clk_syncd_pre; // Do this twice (resolve metastability)
// Apply PLL clock divider
clock_div #(
) divider (
// Secondary PLL clock divider for user space access
clock_div #(
) divider2 (
// Multiplex the clock output
assign core_ext_clk = (use_pll_first) ? ext_clk_syncd : ext_clk;
assign core_clk = (use_pll_second) ? pll_clk_divided : core_ext_clk;
assign user_clk = (use_pll_second) ? pll_clk90_divided : core_ext_clk;
// Reset assignment. "reset" comes from POR, while "ext_reset"
// comes from standalone SPI (and is normally zero unless
// activated from the SPI).
// Staged-delay reset
reg [2:0] reset_delay;
always @(posedge core_clk or negedge resetb) begin
if (resetb == 1'b0) begin
reset_delay <= 3'b111;
end else begin
reset_delay <= {1'b0, reset_delay[2:1]};
assign resetb_sync = ~(reset_delay[0] | ext_reset);
`default_nettype wire