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Magic 8.3 revision 93 - Compiled on Thu Dec 17 04:58:58 UTC 2020.
Starting magic under Tcl interpreter
Using the terminal as the console.
Using NULL graphics device.
Processing system .magicrc file
Sourcing design .magicrc for technology sky130A ...
2 Magic internal units = 1 Lambda
Could not find file 'PDK_ROOT/sky130A/' in any of these directories:
. /build/lib/magic/sys /build/lib/magic/sys/current
Error parsing "/usr/local/bin/tech-files/sky130A.magicrc": couldn't read file "PDK_ROOT/sky130A/": no such file or directory
Bad local startup file "/usr/local/bin/tech-files/sky130A.magicrc", continuing without.
Scaled tech values by 2 / 1 to match internal grid scaling
Loading "/usr/local/bin/consistency_checks/magic_list_instances.tcl" from command line.
Don't know how to read GDS-II:
Nothing in "cifinput" section of tech file.
[INFO]: Loading caravel
File caravel.mag couldn't be read
No such file or directory
Creating new cell
[INFO]: Saved
[INFO]: Saved
Couldn't find a cell use named "mprj"
[INFO]: Saved
[INFO]: Saved