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-# This file document the feature addition and status
-- 28th Aug 2022 - Dinesh A
-    A. Create 10 system strap pick following pads and generate pad direction control and master reset
-         sflash_sck, sflash_ss0,sflash_ss1,sflash_ss2,sflash_ss3,
-         sflash_io0,sflash_io1,sflash_io2,sflash_io3,dbg_clk_mon
-    B. uart master config control thrugh strap and remove dependency with caravel la_data_in
-       - baud rate control based on strap
-    C. Enable default reset enable for wishbone, qspi slave on power up (with delayed reset after strap loading)
-    D. Give option for Auto riscv core[0] removal based on strap
-    E. Default system clock selection based on strap
-       - wb clock or xtal pin
-    F. wbs and riscv, usb clock selection based on strap
-    G. strap to control the boot up configuration qspi-flash/sram
-    I. Riscv cache on/bypass through strap
-    J. Riscv SRAM edge selection through strap
-    K. Add Strap sticky bit for software based reboot
-    M. Created Master Reset control block to manage the boot sequence
-        A. Power On
-            - Power Up wait cycle  minimum 50 ms (Add fast boot with strap)
-            - Strap latch control
-            - Pad Direction control
-            - core reset control
-        B,software reset request
-            - core reset control
-- 2 Sept 2022 - Dinesh A
-     QSPI Design Changes
-         Test case:
-             Add QSPI test case to validate parallel Direct and Indirect access
-         Design Change:
-             A. Add previous power on strap from SRAM flash to take care of mode switching
-                1. If the current & previous sram strap is Single, then bypass mode switching
-                2. If the current=Single and Previous: Quad, then switch mode by command 0xFF (RSTDQI)
-                3. If the current=Quad and Previous: Quad, then bypass mode switching
-                4. If the current=Quad and Previous: Single, then switch mode by command 0x38 (ESQI)
-                Note: Power On Always assume previous strap = Single