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-# Caravel Analog User
+# PDKMaster based memory compiler test chip
-[![License](]( [![CI](]( [![Caravan Build](](
+## Source
-| :exclamation: Important Note            |
+The top level is fully generated from python code in the `doitcode` subdirectory. pydoit is used to generate the desig with the provided `` file in the top directory. The code depends on some external modules that are assumed to be installed:
-## Please fill in your project documentation in this file 
+* [PDKMaster]( python framework (under heavy development) to ease generation of circuits and corresponding DRC compliant layout. This based on a description of a technology with python souce code to allow easy porting to different technologies.
+* [c4m-flexcell]( a (currently minimal) standard cell library based on PDKMaster
+* [c4m-flexmem]( the source for the memory compiler
+* [c4m-pdk-sky130]( the source for the PDKMaster based PDK for the Sky130 technology.
+## License
-:warning: | Use this sample project for analog user projects. 
-:---: | :---
-Refer to [README](docs/source/index.rst) for this sample project documentation. 
+The resulting GDS files is released under [the LGPL 2.1 or later]( license. Some of the source code to generate the GDS is under [the GPL 2.0 or later]( license.