reharden and snapshot design files for io changes

reduce excess hold margin to avoid setup time violations

remove references to user_proj_example from user_project_wrapper
openlane config

reharden design with io improvements & changes, snapshot design files.

this passes 4ft4_fib in RTL and GL sims.
16 files changed
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Caravel 4ft4

4ft4 is a clone of the MCS-4 architecture (4004 CPU, 4001 ROM, 4002 RAM), with a wishbone backdoor interface to the “ROM” and the RAM that enables loading a program for execution and inspecting/modifying the RAM.

This is an integration of 4ft4 into the caravel harness, with the 4ft4 wishbone backdoor interface connected to the caravel management processor.

License information

caravel_user_project and modifications: Apache 2.0. The original caravel_user_project that this is based on is

4ft4: MIT.