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Amateur Satellite Transceiver IC - Shuttle 2


This step in the development and prototyping of the Amateur Radio Satellite Transceiver project contains:

  • 150 MSPS differential current steering DAC with dynamic element matching
  • 8 GHz differential Colpitts topology VCO
  • Baseband to IF mixer
  • High-speed buffer amplifier
  • RF IO driver which can be combined with an off-chip distributed balun to drive off chip loads

The combination of the above items forms a digital input, 8 GHz RF output transmitter prototype. Note that there is no filtering included at this point, therefore this cannot be seen as a complete transmitter. It is an experimental evaulation of the building blocks.


This is a shuttle prototype run of the larger project which can be found here: github.com/yrrapt/amsat_txrx_ic