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How to extract cells:
1. Edit ~/projects/efabless/tech/SkyWater/EFS8A/
- on line 3297 to look as such:
device mosfet pshort scpfet,pfet pdiff,pdiffres,pdc nwell vdd!
- on line 3300 to look as such:
device mosfet nshort scnfet,nfet ndiff,ndiffres,ndc pwell,space/w gnd!
that is to say, add the vnd! and gnd! at the end of the line
- delete line 3088: "variant(sim)" and move it to line 3247
- add line 594: "units angstroms"
- starting from line 857 it should look like
layer LI allli
calma 67 20
layer LI1TXT
labels allli noport
calma 67 16
layer LI1PIN
labels allli port
calma 67 5
layer LIRES rli
labels rli
calma 67 13
2. bash extract_all
3. csh clean_all
if you want to delete all the extracted junk