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# OKSTATE Main Synopsys Flow
# Updated Sep 27, 2015 jes
# Verilog files
set my_verilog_files [list]
# VHDL files
# set my_vhdl_files [list top.vhd]
# Set toplevel
set my_toplevel riscv
# Set number of significant digits
set report_default_significant_digits 6
# V(HDL) Unconnectoed Pins Output
set verilogout_show_unconnected_pins "true"
set vhdlout_show_unconnected_pins "true"
# Due to parameterized Verilog must use analyze/elaborate and not
# read_verilog/vhdl (change to pull in Verilog and/or VHDL)
define_design_lib WORK -path ./WORK
analyze -f sverilog -lib WORK $my_verilog_files
# Added if you had any VHDL
# analyze -f vhdl -lib WORK $my_vhdl_files
elaborate $my_toplevel -lib WORK
# Set the current_design
current_design $my_toplevel
# Reset all constraints
# Set Frequency in [MHz] or [ps]
set my_clock_pin clk
set my_uncertainty 0.2
set my_clk_freq_MHz 400
set my_period [expr 1000 / $my_clk_freq_MHz]
# Create clock object
set find_clock [ find port [list $my_clock_pin] ]
if { $find_clock != [list] } {
echo "Found clock!"
set my_clk $my_clock_pin
create_clock -period $my_period $my_clk
set_clock_uncertainty $my_uncertainty [get_clocks $my_clk]
} else {
echo "Did not find clock! Design is probably combinational!"
set my_clk vclk
create_clock -period $my_period -name $my_clk
# Partitioning - flatten or hierarchically synthesize
#ungroup -flatten -simple_names { dp* }
#ungroup -flatten -simple_names { c* }
ungroup -all -flatten -simple_names
# Set input pins except clock
set all_in_ex_clk [remove_from_collection [all_inputs] [get_ports $my_clk]]
# Specifies delays be propagated through the clock network
set_propagated_clock [get_clocks $my_clk]
# Setting constraints on input ports
set_driving_cell -lib_cell DFFX1 -pin Q $all_in_ex_clk
# Set input/output delay
set_input_delay 0.0 -max -clock $my_clk $all_in_ex_clk
set_output_delay 0.0 -max -clock $my_clk [all_outputs]
# Setting load constraint on output ports
set_load [expr [load_of sky130_osu_sc_18T_ms_TT_1P8_25C.ccs/DFFX1/D] * 1] [all_outputs]
# Set the wire load model
set_wire_load_mode "top"
# Attempt Area Recovery - if looking for minimal area
# set_max_area 2000
# Set fanout
set_max_fanout 6 $all_in_ex_clk
# Fix hold time violations
set_fix_hold [all_clocks]
# Deal with constants and buffers to isolate ports
set_fix_multiple_port_nets -all -buffer_constants
# setting up the group paths to find out the required timings
#group_path -name OUTPUTS -to [all_outputs]
#group_path -name INPUTS -from [all_inputs]
#group_path -name COMBO -from [all_inputs] -to [all_outputs]
# Save Unmapped Design
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "unmapped/" $my_toplevel ".ddc"]
write_file -format ddc -hierarchy -o $filename
# Compile statements - either compile or compile_ultra
# compile -scan -incr -map_effort high
compile_ultra -no_seq_output_inversion -no_boundary_optimization
# Eliminate need for assign statements (yuck!)
set verilogout_no_tri true
set verilogout_equation false
# setting to generate output files
set write_v 1 ;# generates structual netlist
set write_sdc 1 ;# generates synopsys design constraint file for p&r
set write_ddc 1 ;# compiler file in ddc format
set write_sdf 1 ;# sdf file for backannotated timing sim
set write_pow 1 ;# genrates estimated power report
set write_rep 1 ;# generates estimated area and timing report
set write_cst 1 ;# generate report of constraints
set write_hier 1 ;# generate hierarchy report
# Report Constraint Violators
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_constraint_all_violators.rpt"]
redirect $filename {report_constraint -all_violators}
# Check design
redirect reports/check_design.rpt { check_design }
# Report Final Netlist (Hierarchical)
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "mapped/" $my_toplevel ".vh"]
write_file -f verilog -hierarchy -output $filename
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "mapped/" $my_toplevel ".sdc"]
write_sdc $filename
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "mapped/" $my_toplevel ".ddc"]
write_file -format ddc -hierarchy -o $filename
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "mapped/" $my_toplevel ".sdf"]
write_sdf $filename
# QoR
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_qor.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_qor }
# Report Timing
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_reportpath.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_path_group }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_report_clock.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_clock }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_timing.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_timing -capacitance -transition_time -nets -nworst 1 }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_min_timing.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_timing -delay min }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_area.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_area -hierarchy -nosplit -physical -designware}
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_cell.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_cell [get_cells -hier *] }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_power.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_power }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_constraint.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_constraint }
set filename [format "%s%s%s" "reports/" $my_toplevel "_hier.rep"]
redirect $filename { report_hierarchy }
# Quit