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Foundation Flows
The scripts provided here are intended to be used by Cadence AEs as the starting
point for assisting customers in building an implementation environment for
Innovus. They provide a working example containing guidelines and recomendations
for command sequences and options. Some customization is expected as each customer
and design will have unique requirements. The goal was to capture a general methodology
from which to build upon.
The foundation flows reside in the SCRIPTS directory (created by writeFlowTemplate).
This directory can be renamed and/or moved but the contents within the SCRIPTS
directory must remian unchanged. The scripts directory is accessed by the
variable "vars(script_root) <path>" in the setup.tcl.
The setup.tcl is the main input file to the foundation flow. It defines all
the input data required to run each of the foundation flows.
Additionally, an innovus_config.tcl must be created to set flow variables,
desired command options, and optional plug-ins.
Finally, for LP/CPF flows, an additional config file (lp_config.tcl) can
optionally be used to help automate some low power related tasks.
The TEMPLATES directory contains templates for all of these files which can
be manually copied and edited:
There is also a utility that can be used to generate these files based on
existing design data. To generate, run Innovus, load an initial database,
and 'source SCRIPTS/gen_setup.tcl' or run the new command generateFFSetupFile.
This will generate a *.auto.tcl files which can be reviewed/edited
and then renamed.
The EXAMPLES directory contains some example configuation files as well as
some sample plug-ins. Please check README in the EXAMPLES directory to run the example.
To generate the foundation flow scripts based on your setup , do the following:
tclsh <path_to>/SCRIPTS/gen_flow.tcl -m <flat | hier > <steps>
where <steps> = single step, step range, or 'all'
To execute the flow, run 'make <target>'