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Caravel User Project

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:exclamation: Important Note

Graphics Controller


The openGFX430 is a synthesizable Graphic controller written in Verilog and tailored for the openMSP430 core.

The openMSP430 is a synthesizable 16bit microcontroller core written in Verilog. It is compatible with Texas Instruments' MSP430 microcontroller family and can execute the code generated by any MSP430 toolchain in a near cycle accurate way.

The core comes with some peripherals (16x16 Hardware Multiplier, Watchdog, GPIO, TimerA, generic templates), with a DMA interface, and most notably with a two-wire Serial Debug Interface supporting the MSPGCC GNU Debugger (GDB) for in-system software debugging.

While being fully FPGA friendly, this design is also particularly suited for ASIC implementations (typically mixed signal ICs with strong area and low-power requirements). In a nutshell, the openMSP430 brings with it:

  • Low area (8k-Gates), without hidden extra infrastructure overhead (memory backbone, IRQ controller and watchdog timer are already included).
  • Excellent code density.
  • Good performances.
  • Build-in power and clock managment options.
  • Multiple times Silicon Proven.



Support following graphic modes:

  • 16bpp
  • 8bpp
  • 4bpp
  • 2bpp
  • 1bpp
  • Smart address generation unit for fast indirect memory access.
  • GPU allowing hardware FILL, COPY and COPY_TRANSPARENT operations.
  • Supports the LT24 Terasic daughter card.