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# TinyTapeout project information
wokwi_id: 0
- verilog/rtl/user_module.v
top_module: "user_module"
# As everyone will have access to all designs, try to make it easy for someone new to your design to know what
# it does and how to operate it.
# Here is an example:
# This info will be automatically collected and used to make a datasheet for the chip.
author: "proppy" # Your name
discord: "proppy" # Your discord handle
title: "XLS: bit population count" # Project title
description: "Count bits set in the input." # Short description of what your project does
how_it_works: "" # Longer description of how the project works
how_to_test: "Pull up input bits, check that output bits represent the count." # Instructions on how someone could test your project, include things like what buttons do what and how to set the clock if needed
external_hw: "LEDs and resistors" # Describe any external hardware neede
language: "XLS" # other examples include Verilog, Amaranth, VHDL, etc
doc_link: "" # URL to longer form documentation, eg the in your repository
clock_hz: 0 # Clock frequency in Hz (if required)
picture: "popcount.svg" # relative path to a picture in your repository
inputs: # a description of what the inputs do
- bit0
- bit1
- bit2
- bit3
- bit4
- bit5
- bit6
- bit7
- bit8
- bit9
- bit10
- bit11
- bit12
- bit13
- bit14
- count0
- count1
- count2
- count3
- count4
- count5
- count6
- count7
- count8
- count9
- count10
- count11
- count12
- count13
- count14