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puts stdout "Sourcing design .magicrc for technology gf180mcuC ..."
# Put internal grid on 0.005 pitch. This is important to match vendor file
# input (as opposed to SCMOS-style layout. The default lambda grid is 0.05um).
set scalefac [tech lambda]
if {[lindex $scalefac 1] < 10} {
scalegrid 1 10
# drc off
drc euclidean on
# Change this to a fixed number for repeatable behavior with GDS writes
# e.g., "random seed 12345"
catch {random seed}
# Allow override of PDK path from environment variable PDK_ROOT
# "file nativename" guards against a local PDK_ROOT with "~" in the name
if {[catch {set PDK_ROOT [file nativename $env(PDK_ROOT)]}]} {
set PDK_ROOT /usr/local/pdk/volare/gf180mcu/build/b8c6129fb60851c452a3136c2b8c603bb92cb180
# loading technology
tech load $PDK_ROOT/gf180mcuC/
# load device generator
source $PDK_ROOT/gf180mcuC/
# load bind keys
# source $PDK_ROOT/gf180mcuC/
# set units to lambda grid
snap lambda
# set gf180mcu standard power, ground, and substrate names
# Allow override of type of magic library views used, "mag" or "maglef",
# from environment variable MAGTYPE
if {[catch {set MAGTYPE $env(MAGTYPE)}]} {
set MAGTYPE mag
# add path to reference cells
if {[file isdir ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/${MAGTYPE}]} {
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/${MAGTYPE}/gf180mcu_fd_pr
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/${MAGTYPE}/gf180mcu_mcu7t5v0
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/${MAGTYPE}/gf180mcu_mcu9t5v0
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/${MAGTYPE}/gf180mcu_fd_io
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/${MAGTYPE}/gf180mcu_fd_ip_sram
} else {
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/gf180mcu_fd_pr/${MAGTYPE}
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/gf180mcu_fd_sc_mcu7t5v0/${MAGTYPE}
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/gf180mcu_fd_sc_mcu9t5v0/${MAGTYPE}
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/gf180mcu_fd_io/${MAGTYPE}
addpath ${PDK_ROOT}/gf180mcuC/libs.ref/gf180mcu_fd_ip_sram/${MAGTYPE}
# add path to IP from catalog. This procedure defined in the PDK script.
catch {magic::query_mylib_ip}
# add path to local IP from user design space. Defined in the PDK script.
catch {magic::query_my_projects}