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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Given a destination directory holding individual GDS files of a number
# of cells, create a single GDL library file named <alllibname> and place
# it in the same directory. This is done for the option "compile" if specified
# for the "-gds" install.
import os
import sys
import glob
import fnmatch
import subprocess
def usage():
print(' create_gds_library <destlibdir> <destlib> <startup_script> ')
print(' [-compile-only] [-excludelist="file1,file2,..."] [-keep]')
print('Create a single GDS library from a set of individual GDS files.')
print(' <destlibdir> is the directory containing the individual GDS files')
print(' <destlib> is the root name of the library file')
print(' <startup_script> is the full path to a magic startup script')
print(' -compile-only removes the indidual files if specified')
print(' -excludelist= is a comma-separated list of files to ignore')
print(' -keep keep the Tcl script used to generate the library')
def create_gds_library(destlibdir, destlib, startup_script, do_compile_only=False, excludelist=[], keep=False):
# destlib should not have a file extension
destlibroot = os.path.splitext(destlib)[0]
alllibname = destlibdir + '/' + destlibroot + '.gds'
if os.path.isfile(alllibname):
# If file "filelist.txt" exists in the directory, get the list of files from it
if os.path.exists(destlibdir + '/filelist.txt'):
with open(destlibdir + '/filelist.txt', 'r') as ifile:
rlist =
glist = []
for rfile in rlist:
glist.append(destlibdir + '/' + rfile)
glist = glob.glob(destlibdir + '/*.gds')
glist.extend(glob.glob(destlibdir + '/*.gdsii'))
glist.extend(glob.glob(destlibdir + '/*.gds2'))
if alllibname in glist:
# Create exclude list with glob-style matching using fnmatch
if len(glist) > 0:
glistnames = list(os.path.split(item)[1] for item in glist)
notglist = []
for exclude in excludelist:
notglist.extend(fnmatch.filter(glistnames, exclude))
# Apply exclude list
if len(notglist) > 0:
for file in glist[:]:
if os.path.split(file)[1] in notglist:
if len(glist) > 1:
print('New file is: ' + alllibname)
if os.path.isfile(startup_script):
# If the symbolic link exists, remove it.
if os.path.isfile(destlibdir + '/.magicrc'):
os.remove(destlibdir + '/.magicrc')
os.symlink(startup_script, destlibdir + '/.magicrc')
# A GDS library is binary and requires handling in Magic
print('Creating magic generation script to generate GDS library.')
with open(destlibdir + '/generate_magic.tcl', 'w') as ofile:
print('#!/usr/bin/env wish', file=ofile)
print('#--------------------------------------------', file=ofile)
print('# Script to generate .gds library from files ', file=ofile)
print('#--------------------------------------------', file=ofile)
print('drc off', file=ofile)
print('gds readonly true', file=ofile)
print('gds flatten true', file=ofile)
print('gds rescale false', file=ofile)
print('tech unlock *', file=ofile)
for gdsfile in glist:
print('gds read ' + gdsfile, file=ofile)
print('puts stdout "Creating cell ' + destlibroot + '"', file=ofile)
print('load ' + destlibroot, file=ofile)
print('puts stdout "Adding cells to library"', file=ofile)
print('box values 0 0 0 0', file=ofile)
for gdsfile in glist:
gdsroot = os.path.split(gdsfile)[1]
gdsname = os.path.splitext(gdsroot)[0]
print('getcell ' + gdsname, file=ofile)
# Could properly make space for the cell here. . .
print('box move e 200', file=ofile)
print('puts stdout "Writing GDS library ' + destlibroot + '"', file=ofile)
print('gds library true', file=ofile)
print('gds write ' + destlibroot, file=ofile)
print('puts stdout "Done."', file=ofile)
print('quit -noprompt', file=ofile)
# Run magic to read in the individual GDS files and
# write out the consolidated GDS library
print('Running magic to create GDS library.')
mproc =['magic', '-dnull', '-noconsole',
destlibdir + '/generate_magic.tcl'],
stdin = subprocess.DEVNULL,
stdout = subprocess.PIPE,
stderr = subprocess.PIPE, cwd = destlibdir,
universal_newlines = True)
if mproc.stdout:
for line in mproc.stdout.splitlines():
if mproc.stderr:
print('Error message output from magic:')
for line in mproc.stderr.splitlines():
if mproc.returncode != 0:
print('ERROR: Magic exited with status ' + str(mproc.returncode))
if do_compile_only == True:
print('Compile-only: Removing individual GDS files')
for gfile in glist:
if os.path.isfile(gfile):
if not keep:
os.remove(destlibdir + '/generate_magic.tcl')
print('Only one file (' + str(glist) + '); ignoring "compile" option.')
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) == 1:
argumentlist = []
# Defaults
do_compile_only = False
keep = False
excludelist = []
# Break arguments into groups where the first word begins with "-".
# All following words not beginning with "-" are appended to the
# same list (optionlist). Then each optionlist is processed.
# Note that the first entry in optionlist has the '-' removed.
for option in sys.argv[1:]:
if option.find('-', 0) == 0:
keyval = option[1:].split('=')
if keyval[0] == 'compile-only':
if len(keyval) > 0:
if keyval[1].tolower() == 'true' or keyval[1].tolower() == 'yes' or keyval[1] == '1':
do_compile_only = True
do_compile_only = True
elif keyval[1] == 'exclude' or key == 'excludelist':
if len(keyval) > 0:
excludelist = keyval[1].trim('"').split(',')
print("No items in exclude list (ignoring).")
elif keyval[1] == 'keep':
keep = True
print("Unknown option '" + keyval[0] + "' (ignoring).")
if len(argumentlist) < 3:
print("Not enough arguments given to")
destlibdir = argumentlist[0]
destlib = argumentlist[1]
startup_script = argumentlist[2]
print('Create GDS library from files:')
print('Path to files: ' + destlibdir)
print('Name of compiled library: ' + destlib + '.gds')
print('Path to magic startup script: ' + startup_script)
print('Remove individual files: ' + 'Yes' if do_compile_only else 'No')
if len(excludelist) > 0:
print('List of files to exclude: ')
for file in excludelist:
print('Keep generating script: ' + 'Yes' if keep else 'No')
create_gds_library(destlibdir, destlib, startup_script, do_compile_only, excludelist, keep)