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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# fix_io_lef ---
# This script fixes the issue where the LEF files of the I/O cells, which are
# used for annotation only, interfere with the modified layouts. The fix is
# to remove all G_CORE port geometry that is above Y=5
import re
import os
import sys
def filter(inname, outname):
# Read input
with open(inname, 'r') as inFile:
ltext =
llines = ltext.splitlines()
print(' failed to open ' + inname + ' for reading.', file=sys.stderr)
return 1
# Process input with regexp
fixedlines = []
modified = False
inpin = False
macrorex = re.compile('^MACRO[ \t]+([^ \t\n]+)')
pinrex = re.compile('^[ \t]*PIN[ \t]+[PG]_CORE')
endrex = re.compile('[ \t]*END[ \t]+[PG]_CORE')
rectrex = re.compile('^[ \t]*RECT[ \t]+[0-9.]+[ \t]+([0-9.]+)[ \t]+')
rect2rex = re.compile('^[ \t]*RECT[ \t]+[0-9.]+[ \t]+([0-9.]+)[ \t]+[0-9.]+[ \t]+([0-9.]+)[ \t]+')
macroname = None
for line in llines:
# Check for MACRO line and record the macro name
mmatch = macrorex.match(line)
if mmatch:
macroname =
# Check for "PIN G_CORE" or "PIN P_CORE"
pmatch = pinrex.match(line)
if pmatch and macroname:
inpin = True
ematch = endrex.match(line)
if ematch and macroname:
inpin = False
if inpin:
# Check for RECT entries and get the lower Y value
rmatch = rectrex.match(line)
if rmatch:
yval = float(
if yval > 5.0:
# Reject geometry with lower Y value greater than 5um
# Truncate the height of any box with Y at zero that is
# higher than 50um
elif yval < 1.0:
rmatch = rect2rex.match(line)
if rmatch:
ytop = float(
if ytop > 50.0:
line = line.replace(, '50.000')
# Write output
if outname == None:
for i in fixedlines:
# If the output is a symbolic link but no modifications have been made,
# then leave it alone. If it was modified, then remove the symbolic
# link before writing.
if os.path.islink(outname):
if not modified:
return 0
with open(outname, 'w') as outFile:
for i in fixedlines:
print(i, file=outFile)
print(' failed to open ' + outname + ' for writing.', file=sys.stderr)
return 1
if __name__ == '__main__':
# This script expects to get one or two arguments. One argument is
# mandatory and is the input file. The other argument is optional and
# is the output file. The output file and input file may be the same
# name, in which case the original input is overwritten.
options = []
arguments = []
for item in sys.argv[1:]:
if item.find('-', 0) == 0:
if len(arguments) > 0:
infilename = arguments[0]
if len(arguments) > 1:
outfilename = arguments[1]
outfilename = None
result = filter(infilename, outfilename)