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skywater-pdk related GitHub Actions
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This repository contains the GitHub actions uses with the
`Google skywater-pdk <>`__ and
`related modules <>`__.
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Modules Related
```modules-pr-backporter`` <./modules-pr-backporter>`__
The ``modules-pr-backporter`` action is used on the
`SkyWater modules <>`__
(such as the
`standard cells <>`__)
to enable automatic backporting of pull requests to older released
```modules-roller`` <./modules-roller>`__
The ``modules-roller`` action is used by
`the primary SkyWater PDK repo <>`__
to automatically generate pull requests which update the GitHub submodules when
new changes are added to them.
CI Related
The latest SkyWater SKY130 PDK design resources can be viewed at the following locations:
* `On Github @ google/skywater-pdk <>`_
* `Google CodeSearch interface @ <>`_
* ` <>`_
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