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Versioning Information
Current Status
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Version Number Format
Version numbers for both the PDK and the supplied libraries are fully specified by a 3-digit version number followed by a git commit count and a git commit short hash.
The 3-digit-number will be tagged in the associated git repository as ``vX.Y.Z`` and the fully specified value can be found by running |git-describe|_ tool inside the correct git repository.
.. |git-describe| replace:: ``git describe``
.. _git-describe:
The version number is broken down as ``vX.Y.Z-AAA-gHHHHH``;
* The letter ``v``.
* ``X`` = The "Milestone Release" Number
* **0** indicates **"alpha"** level. The IP has **not** undergone full qualification. Parts of the IP **may be immature and untested**.
* **1** indicates **"beta"** level. The IP has undergone qualification testing but has **not** been hardware verified.
* **2** indicates **production** level. The IP has passed qualification testing and has been hardware verified.
* ``Y`` = The "Major Release" Number
* ``Z`` = The "Minor Release" Number
* A single hyphen character ``-``
* ``AAA`` = The `git commit count <>`_ since the version number was tagged.
* A single hyphen character followed by the letter g ``-g``
* ``HHHH`` = A `git commit short hash <>`_ which uniquely identifies a specific git commit inside the associated git repository.