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Google and SkyWater are currently treating the current content as an **experimental preview** / **alpha release**.
While the SKY130 process node and the PDK from which this open source release was derived have been used to create many designs that have been successfully manufactured commercially in significant quantities, the open source PDK is not intended to be used for production settings at this current time. It *should* be usable for doing test chips and initial design verification (but this is not guaranteed).
Google, SkyWater and our partners are currently doing internal validation and test designs, including silicon validation or the released data and plan to publish these results.
The PDK will be tagged with a production version when ready to do production design, see the ":ref:`Versioning Information`" section for a full description of the version numbering scheme.
To get notified about future new releases of the PDK, and other important news, please sign up on the
`skywater-pdk-announce mailing list <!forum/skywater-pdk-announce>`_
[`join link <!forum/skywater-pdk-announce/join>`_].