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This is a lab-on-a-chip research project targeted to bring instrumentation near the magnetic new materials. It contains a voltage controlled oscillator(VCO), a bandgap reference(BGR), and a variable gain amplifier (VGA).

VCO specs
    Frequency range: 1.71 ~ 9.73GHz
    Amplitude: 0.2 ~ 0.5V differential
    2nd harmonic < -60dB
    3rd harmonic < 60dB
    settling time < 6ns
    Startup time < 48 ns
BGA specs
    Output Vbg = 1.1974V+/-0.6mV (0.05% error) from -20 ~ 100C
        TC =  -5+/-45ppm V/C
    Output current reference = 39.95uA+/-0.11uA (0.27% error) from -20 ~ 100C
        TC = -0.001+/-0.007ppm A/C

Refer to README for this sample project documentation.