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// Generated by SandPiper(TM) 1.12-2022/01/27-beta from Redwood EDA, LLC.
// Redwood EDA, LLC does not claim intellectual property rights to this file and provides no warranty regarding its correctness or quality.
`include "sandpiper_gen.vh"
// Signals declared top-level.
// For $ready.
wire L0_ready_a0;
reg L0_ready_a1;
// For $valid.
wire L0_valid_a0;
// For $valid_addr.
wire L0_valid_addr_a0;
// For $ready.
always @(posedge clk) L0_ready_a1 <= L0_ready_a0;
generate // This is awkward, but we need to go into 'generate' context in the line that `includes the declarations file.