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Bfloat 16 Precision Floating Point Unit from MERL

This is the first ever Bfloat 16 Precision Floating Point Unit designed by undergraduate students of DHA Suffa University Pakistan.

Directory Structure

+-- verlog                          #   User verilog Directory

    +-- rtl                         #   RTL

    +-- dv                          #   Design Verification

    +-- gl                          #   Gate Level Netlis

The Floating Point Unit Source Code is avaialable here

+-- verlog                               #   User verilog Directory

    +-- rtl                              #   RTL
    |       +-- user_project_wrapper.v       #   User Project Wrapper source file
    |       +-- user_proj_example.v          #   User Project Example source file
    |       +-- FPU                          #   Floating Point Unit folder

The Design Verification Testbench is available here

+-- verlog                               #   User verilog Directory

    +-- dv                               #   Design Verification
    +-- FPU_Half                         #   Design Test Directory
    +-- hex                              #   Hex files folder
    +-- asm                              #   Assmebly files folder

The synthesized netlist is present here: +-- verlog # User verilog Directory

    +-- gl                               #   Gate Level Netlis
    +-- user_project_wrapper.v       #   User Project Wrapper Netlist
    +-- user_proj_example.v          #   User Project Example Netlist

The hardened macros are placed here:

+-- def                                 #    def Directory
    +-- user_project_wrapper.def        #    User Project Wrapper def file

+-- lef                                 #    lef Directory

    +-- user_project_wrapper.lef        #    User Project Wrapper lef file

    +-- user_proj_example.lef           #    User Project Example lef file

+-- gds                                 #    gds Directory

    +-- user_project_wrapper.gdz.gz     #    User Project Wrapper gds

    +-- user_proj_example.gdz.gz        #    User Project Example gds

Testing of Design

Go to verilog/dv/FPU_Bfloat/ directory

Set the GCC_PATH environment variable.

Set the PDK_PATH environment variable.

Copy the given program hex file into uart.hex.

run the make commad for RTL simulation

run the SIM=GL make command for netlist simulation

Note: Dont forget to add 00000010 and 00000FFF instruction in the end of the uart.hex to stop the uart transmission if you are using your own codes.