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`default_nettype none
* user_project_wrapper
* This wrapper enumerates all of the pins available to the
* user for the user project.
* An example user project is provided in this wrapper. The
* example should be removed and replaced with the actual
* user project.
`define MPRJ_IO_PADS 38
module user_project_wrapper (
inout vdda1, // User area 1 3.3V supply
inout vdda2, // User area 2 3.3V supply
inout vssa1, // User area 1 analog ground
inout vssa2, // User area 2 analog ground
inout vccd1, // User area 1 1.8V supply
inout vccd2, // User area 2 1.8v supply
inout vssd1, // User area 1 digital ground
inout vssd2, // User area 2 digital ground
// Wishbone Slave ports (WB MI A)
input wb_clk_i,
input wb_rst_i,
input wbs_stb_i,
input wbs_cyc_i,
input wbs_we_i,
input [3:0] wbs_sel_i,
input [31:0] wbs_dat_i,
input [31:0] wbs_adr_i,
output wbs_ack_o,
output [31:0] wbs_dat_o,
// Logic Analyzer Signals
input [127:0] la_data_in,
output [127:0] la_data_out,
input [127:0] la_oen,
// IOs
input [`MPRJ_IO_PADS-1:0] io_in,
output [`MPRJ_IO_PADS-1:0] io_out,
output [`MPRJ_IO_PADS-1:0] io_oeb,
// Analog (direct connection to GPIO pad---use with caution)
// Note that analog I/O is not available on the 7 lowest-numbered
// GPIO pads, and so the analog_io indexing is offset from the
// GPIO indexing by 7.
inout [`MPRJ_IO_PADS-8:0] analog_io,
// Independent clock (on independent integer divider)
input user_clock2
/* User project is instantiated here */
assign io_oeb[18] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[19] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[20] = 1'b1;
assign io_oeb[21] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[22] = 1'b1;
assign io_oeb[23] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[24] = 1'b1;
assign io_oeb[25] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[26] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[27] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[28] = 1'b1;
assign io_oeb[29] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[30] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[31] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[30] = 1'b0;
assign io_oeb[31] = 1'b0;
// check csb pin -- io[3]
wire fdoeb;
assign io_oeb[17:14] = {4{~fdoeb}};
soc_core core(
endmodule // user_project_wrapper
`default_nettype wire