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.section .text
# zero-initialize register file
addi x1, zero, 0
# x2 (sp) is initialized by reset
addi x3, zero, 0
addi x4, zero, 0
addi x5, zero, 0
addi x6, zero, 0
addi x7, zero, 0
addi x8, zero, 0
addi x9, zero, 0
addi x10, zero, 0
addi x11, zero, 0
addi x12, zero, 0
addi x13, zero, 0
addi x14, zero, 0
addi x15, zero, 0
addi x16, zero, 0
addi x17, zero, 0
addi x18, zero, 0
addi x19, zero, 0
addi x20, zero, 0
addi x21, zero, 0
addi x22, zero, 0
addi x23, zero, 0
addi x24, zero, 0
addi x25, zero, 0
addi x26, zero, 0
addi x27, zero, 0
addi x28, zero, 0
addi x29, zero, 0
addi x30, zero, 0
addi x31, zero, 0
# zero initialize scratchpad memory
# setmemloop:
# sw zero, 0(x1)
# addi x1, x1, 4
# blt x1, sp, setmemloop
# copy data section
la a0, _sidata
la a1, _sdata
la a2, _edata
bge a1, a2, end_init_data
lw a3, 0(a0)
sw a3, 0(a1)
addi a0, a0, 4
addi a1, a1, 4
blt a1, a2, loop_init_data
# zero-init bss section
la a0, _sbss
la a1, _ebss
bge a0, a1, end_init_bss
sw zero, 0(a0)
addi a0, a0, 4
blt a0, a1, loop_init_bss
# call main
call main
j loop
.global flashio_worker_begin
.global flashio_worker_end
.balign 4
# a0 ... data pointer
# a1 ... data length
# a2 ... optional WREN cmd (0 = disable)
# address of SPI ctrl reg
li t0, 0x28000000
# Set CS high, IO0 is output
li t1, 0x120
sh t1, 0(t0)
# Enable Manual SPI Ctrl
sb zero, 3(t0)
# Send optional WREN cmd
beqz a2, flashio_worker_L1
li t5, 8
andi t2, a2, 0xff
srli t4, t2, 7
sb t4, 0(t0)
ori t4, t4, 0x10
sb t4, 0(t0)
slli t2, t2, 1
andi t2, t2, 0xff
addi t5, t5, -1
bnez t5, flashio_worker_L4
sb t1, 0(t0)
# SPI transfer
# If byte count is zero, we're done
beqz a1, flashio_worker_L3
# Set t5 to count down 32 bits
li t5, 32
# Load t2 from address a0 (4 bytes)
lw t2, 0(a0)
# Set t6 to count down 8 bits
li t6, 8
# Clock out the bit (msb first) on IO0 and read bit in from IO1
srli t4, t2, 31
sb t4, 0(t0)
ori t4, t4, 0x10
sb t4, 0(t0)
lbu t4, 0(t0)
andi t4, t4, 2
srli t4, t4, 1
slli t2, t2, 1
or t2, t2, t4
# Decrement 32 bit count
addi t5, t5, -1
bnez t5, flashio_worker_LX
sw t2, 0(a0)
addi a0, a0, 4
lw t2, 0(a0)
addi t6, t6, -1
bnez t6, flashio_worker_L2
addi a1, a1, -1
bnez a1, flashio_worker_LY
beqz t5, flashio_worker_L3
sw t2, 0(a0)
# Back to MEMIO mode
li t1, 0x80
sb t1, 3(t0)
.balign 4