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# A general XOR script
# (
# This script uses KLayout's DRC language to implement a generic
# XOR between two layouts. The name of the layouts is given
# in $a and $b.
# For layout-to-layout XOR with multiple cores, run this script with
# ./klayout -r xor.drc -rd thr=NUM_CORES -rd top_cell=TOP_CELL_NAME -rd a=a.gds -rd b=b.gds -rd ol=xor.gds -zz
# (replace NUM_CORES by the desired number of cores to utilize
# enable timing output
# set up input a
a = source($a, $top_cell)
# set up input b
b = source($b, $top_cell)
$o && report("XOR #{$a} vs. #{$b}", $o)
$ol && target($ol, $co || "XOR")
$thr && threads($thr) || threads(2)
# collect all common layers
layers = {}
[ a.layout, b.layout ].each do |ly|
ly.layer_indices.each do |li|
i = ly.get_info(li)
layers[i.to_s] = i
# perform the XOR's
layers.keys.sort.each do |l|
i = layers[l]
info("--- Running XOR for #{l} ---")
x = a.input(l) ^ b.input(l)
info("XOR differences: #{}")
$o && x.output(l, "XOR results for layer #{l}")
$ol && x.output(i.layer, i.datatype,