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`default_nettype none
// Global parameters
`define MPRJ_IO_PADS 38
`define MPRJ_PWR_PADS 4 /* vdda1, vccd1, vdda2, vccd2 */
// Size of soc_mem_synth
// Type and size of soc_mem
// `define USE_OPENRAM
// don't change the following without double checking addr widths
`define MEM_WORDS 256
// Number of columns in the custom memory; takes one of three values:
// 1 column : 1 KB, 2 column: 2 KB, 4 column: 4KB
`define COLS 1
// not really parameterized but just to easily keep track of the number
// of ram_block across different modules
`define RAM_BLOCKS 2
// Clock divisor default value
`define CLK_DIV 3'b010
// GPIO conrol default mode and enable
`define DM_INIT 3'b110
`define OENB_INIT 1'b1