Repositories and versions to use


Please stick to version v0.0.0-303-g3d7617a (commit hash: 3d7617a1acb92ea883539bcf22a632d6361a5de4)

git clone
cd skywater-pdk
git checkout v0.0.0-303-g3d7617a
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_sc_hd/latest
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_sc_hvl/latest
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_sc_hs/latest
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_sc_ms/latest
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_sc_ls/latest
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_sc_hdll/latest
git submodule update --init libraries/sky130_fd_io/latest
make timing


Please stick to the 1.0.85 tag.

git clone -b 1.0.85


Please stick to the mpw-one-b tag.

git clone -b mpw-one-b

Note that the mpw-one-b tag is equivalent to the rc6 tag. Also, note that running make inside the openlane directory will automatically grab the right versions of open_pdks and skywater-pdk as listed above and install them to PDK_ROOT.

For example,

export PDK_ROOT=$HOME/pdks
cd openlane


Please stick to the mpw-one-b tag.

git clone -b mpw-one-b


Please run the offline precheck:

git clone


  • If you have already successfully hardened your blocks and have a clean user_project_wrapper, you don't have to recreate it and can just reuse it. No changes have been made to the user project area or to the tools that require you to reharden your design(s).

  • If you prefer to re-generate your blocks (using OpenLane), you can refer to this page.

  • IMPORTANT. Do not forget to run make uncompress -j4 in the caravel root directory before you start working. Likewise, before you commit and push your changes back, run make compress -j4.

  • If you already have a clean working tree in a previously cloned repository from those listed above, what you need to do is:

    git pull
    git checkout tag