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Analog & RF IPs

LVDS Receiver

Design of an LVDS receiver in Skywater 130nm. The receiver architecture consists of a biasing stage followed by two amplification stages—the simulated maximum frequency of 1.5Gs at 1.8V, TT corner & 25C.


Biasing Stage – AC coupled with common-mode biasing of 1.2V

CML Stage – Amplification stage with a gain of 5

Differential Stage – Gain of ~8

Ring Oscillator

7 stage RO with enable

Designed with Skywater standard cells library. AND gate followed by 7 smallest inverters

Differential VCO

5 stages of differential delay cells. Delay cell consists of symmetric loads


Self bias generator with startup circuit

Power Amplifier

Linear Class AB power amplifier. On-chip inductor is designed as a test structure by using top metal layer. Actual inductance & Q factor is unknown

Folded Cascode

Differential input single ended Folded Cascode Opamp; 1Mhz unity gain frequency, 60 degree phase margin & a gain of 79dB