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lef read $::env(TECH_LEF)
if { [info exist ::env(EXTRA_LEFS)] } {
set lefs_in $::env(EXTRA_LEFS)
foreach lef_file $lefs_in {
lef read $lef_file
def read $::env(CURRENT_DEF)
load $::env(DESIGN_NAME) -dereference
cd $::env(TMP_DIR)/magic/
select top cell
# for now, do extraction anyway; can be optimized by reading the maglef ext
# but getting many warnings
if { ! [file exists $::env(DESIGN_NAME).ext] } {
extract do local
extract no capacitance
extract no coupling
extract no resistance
extract no adjust
# extract warn all
feedback save /project/openlane/accelerator_top/runs/16-12_03-56/logs/magic/
antennacheck debug