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  1. io_ports/
  2. sw/
  3. 23LC512.v
  4. 24LC16B.v
  5. DFFRAM_beh.v
  6. Makefile
  8. sst26wf080b.v

Mega-Project Counter Tests

The directory includes three tests for the counter mega-project example:

  1. IO Ports Test:

    • Configures the user space lower 8 IO pins as outputs
    • Observes the counter value through the configured pins in the testbench
  2. Logic Analyzer Test 1:

    • Configures LA probes [31:0] as inputs to the management SoC to monitor the counter value
    • Configures LA probes [63:32] as outputs from the management SoC to set the counter initial value
    • Flags when counter value exceeds 500 through the management SoC gpio
    • Outputs message to the UART when the test concludes successfuly
  3. Logic Analyzer Test 2:

    • Configures LA probes [64] and [65] as outputs from the management SoC to set counter clock and reset values
    • Provides counter clock and monitors the counter value after five clock cycles