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`default_nettype none
`timescale 1 ns / 1 ps
`define GL
`include "caravel.v"
`include "spiflash.v"
module mprj_ctrl_tb;
reg clock;
reg RSTB;
reg power1, power2;
wire gpio;
wire flash_csb;
wire flash_clk;
wire flash_io0;
wire flash_io1;
wire [37:0] user_io;
wire SDO;
wire [3:0] checkbits;
assign checkbits = user_io[31:28];
// External clock is used by default. Make this artificially fast for the
// simulation. Normally this would be a slow clock and the digital PLL
// would be the fast clock.
always #10 clock <= (clock === 1'b0);
initial begin
clock = 0;
initial begin
$dumpvars(0, mprj_ctrl_tb);
repeat (25) begin
repeat (1000) @(posedge clock);
$display("+1000 cycles");
$display ("Monitor: Timeout, Test User Project (GL) Failed");
always @(checkbits) begin
if(checkbits == 4'h5) begin
$display("User Project control Test started");
end else if(checkbits == 4'h6) begin
$display("Monitor: IO control R/W failed (check 6)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'h7) begin
$display("Monitor: IO control R/W passed (check 7)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'h8) begin
$display("Monitor: power control R/W failed (check 8)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'h9) begin
$display("Monitor: power control R/W passed (check 9)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'ha) begin
$display("Monitor: power control R/W failed (check 10)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'hb) begin
$display("Monitor: power control R/W passed (check 11)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'hc) begin
$display("Monitor: power control R/W failed (check 12)");
end else if(checkbits == 4'hd) begin
$display("Monitor: power control R/W passed (check 13)");
$display("Monitor: User Project control (GL) test passed.");
initial begin
RSTB <= 1'b0;
RSTB <= 1'b1; // Release reset
initial begin
power1 <= 1'b0;
power2 <= 1'b0;
power1 <= 1'b1;
power2 <= 1'b1;
always @(gpio) begin
#1 $display("GPIO state = %b ", gpio);
wire VDD3V3;
wire VDD1V8;
wire VSS;
assign VDD3V3 = power1;
assign VDD1V8 = power2;
assign VSS = 1'b0;
caravel uut (
.vddio (VDD3V3),
.vssio (VSS),
.vdda (VDD3V3),
.vssa (VSS),
.vccd (VDD1V8),
.vssd (VSS),
.vdda1 (VDD3V3),
.vdda2 (VDD3V3),
.vssa1 (VSS),
.vssa2 (VSS),
.vccd1 (VDD1V8),
.vccd2 (VDD1V8),
.vssd1 (VSS),
.vssd2 (VSS),
.clock (clock),
.gpio (gpio),
.mprj_io (user_io),
.flash_csb (flash_csb),
.flash_clk (flash_clk),
.flash_io0 (flash_io0),
.flash_io1 (flash_io1),
.resetb (RSTB)
spiflash #(
) spiflash (
.io2(), // not used
.io3() // not used
`default_nettype wire