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`default_nettype none
`timescale 1 ns / 1 ps
`include "caravel.v"
`include "spiflash.v"
module io_ports_tb;
reg clock;
reg RSTB;
reg power1, power2;
reg power3, power4;
wire gpio;
wire [37:0] mprj_io;
wire [7:0] mprj_io_0;
assign mprj_io_0 = mprj_io[7:0];
// External clock is used by default. Make this artificially fast for the
// simulation. Normally this would be a slow clock and the digital PLL
// would be the fast clock.
always #12.5 clock <= (clock === 1'b0);
initial begin
clock = 0;
initial begin
$dumpvars(0, io_ports_tb);
// Repeat cycles of 1000 clock edges as needed to complete testbench
repeat (25) begin
repeat (1000) @(posedge clock);
// $display("+1000 cycles");
$display ("Monitor: Timeout, Test Mega-Project IO Ports (RTL) Failed");
initial begin
// Observe Output pins [7:0]
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h01);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h02);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h03);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h04);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h05);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h06);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h07);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h08);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h09);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h0A);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'hFF);
wait(mprj_io_0 == 8'h00);
$display("Monitor: Test 1 Mega-Project IO (RTL) Passed");
initial begin
RSTB <= 1'b0;
RSTB <= 1'b1; // Release reset
initial begin // Power-up sequence
power1 <= 1'b0;
power2 <= 1'b0;
power3 <= 1'b0;
power4 <= 1'b0;
power1 <= 1'b1;
power2 <= 1'b1;
power3 <= 1'b1;
power4 <= 1'b1;
always @(mprj_io) begin
#1 $display("MPRJ-IO state = %b ", mprj_io[7:0]);
wire flash_csb;
wire flash_clk;
wire flash_io0;
wire flash_io1;
wire VDD1V8;
wire VDD3V3;
wire VSS;
assign VDD3V3 = power1;
assign VDD1V8 = power2;
assign USER_VDD3V3 = power3;
assign USER_VDD1V8 = power4;
assign VSS = 1'b0;
caravel uut (
.vddio (VDD3V3),
.vssio (VSS),
.vdda (VDD3V3),
.vssa (VSS),
.vccd (VDD1V8),
.vssd (VSS),
.vdda1 (USER_VDD3V3),
.vdda2 (USER_VDD3V3),
.vssa1 (VSS),
.vssa2 (VSS),
.vccd1 (USER_VDD1V8),
.vccd2 (USER_VDD1V8),
.vssd1 (VSS),
.vssd2 (VSS),
.clock (clock),
.gpio (gpio),
.mprj_io (mprj_io),
.resetb (RSTB)
spiflash #(
) spiflash (
.io2(), // not used
.io3() // not used