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Magic 8.3 revision 87 - Compiled on Mon Nov 23 17:53:03 UTC 2020.
Starting magic under Tcl interpreter
Using the terminal as the console.
Using NULL graphics device.
Processing system .magicrc file
Sourcing design .magicrc for technology sky130A ...
2 Magic internal units = 1 Lambda
Input style sky130: scaleFactor=2, multiplier=2
Scaled tech values by 2 / 1 to match internal grid scaling
Loading sky130A Device Generator Menu ...
Loading "/openLANE_flow/scripts/magic_mag.tcl" from command line.
Box tool must be present
[INFO]: Saving .mag view With BBox Values:
Warning: Calma reading is not undoable! I hope that's OK.
Library written using GDS-II Release 3.0
Library name: user_project_wrapper
Reading "user_project_wrapper".