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OpenROAD 0.9.0 d03ebfc244
This program is licensed under the BSD-3 license. See the LICENSE file for details.
Components of this program may be licensed under more restrictive licenses which must be honored.
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Notice 0: Reading LEF file: /project/openlane/digital_pll/runs/digital_pll/tmp/merged_unpadded.lef
Notice 0: Created 13 technology layers
Notice 0: Created 25 technology vias
Notice 0: Created 438 library cells
Notice 0: Finished LEF file: /project/openlane/digital_pll/runs/digital_pll/tmp/merged_unpadded.lef
Notice 0:
Reading DEF file: /project/openlane/digital_pll/runs/digital_pll/tmp/routing/digital_pll.powered.def
Notice 0: Design: digital_pll
Notice 0: Created 39 pins.
Notice 0: Created 1297 components and 6327 component-terminals.
Notice 0: Created 2 special nets and 0 connections.
Notice 0: Created 417 nets and 6326 connections.
Notice 0: Finished DEF file: /project/openlane/digital_pll/runs/digital_pll/tmp/routing/digital_pll.powered.def