Add a new sram_1rw1r_32_256_8_sky130 wrapper

- includes extended pins for routability and two extra power stripes to
  automate power routing
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CIIC Harness

A template SoC for Google SKY130 free shuttles. It is still WIP. The current SoC architecture is given below.

Managment SoC

The managment SoC runs firmware that can be used to:

  • Configure Mega Project I/O pads
  • Observe and control Mega Project signals (through on-chip logic analyzer probes)
  • Control the Mega Project power supply

The memory map of the management SoC is given below
(NOTE: This needs updating; see the README file for an updated list.)

Mega Project Area

This is the user space. It has limited silicon area (TBD, about 2.8mm x 2.8mm) as well as a fixed number of I/O pads (37) and power pads (10). See the Caravel premliminary datasheet for details. The repository contains a sample mega project that contains a binary 32-bit up counter.

The firmware running on the Management Area SoC, configures the I/O pads used by the counter and uses the logic probes to observe/control the counter. Three firmware examples are provided:

  1. Configure the Mega Project I/O pads as o/p. Observe the counter value in the testbench: IO_Ports Test.
  2. Configure the Mega Project I/O pads as o/p. Use the Chip LA to load the counter and observe the o/p till it reaches 500: LA_Test1.
  3. Configure the Mega Project I/O pads as o/p. Use the Chip LA to control the clock source and reset signals and observe the counter value for five clock cylcles: LA_Test2.