[CI]: a solution for the long CI log.
diff --git a/.travisCI/runPrecheck.sh b/.travisCI/runPrecheck.sh
index 4a09938..01f2483 100644
--- a/.travisCI/runPrecheck.sh
+++ b/.travisCI/runPrecheck.sh
@@ -13,8 +13,10 @@
 # See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 # limitations under the License.
 export TARGET_PATH=$(pwd)
+cd ..
 export PDK_ROOT=$(pwd)/pdks
-cd open_mpw_precheck
+cd $TARGET_PATH/open_mpw_precheck/
 docker run -v $(pwd):/usr/local/bin -v $TARGET_PATH:$TARGET_PATH -v $PDK_ROOT:$PDK_ROOT -u $(id -u $USER):$(id -g $USER) open_mpw_prechecker:latest bash -c "python3 open_mpw_prechecker.py --skip_drc -p $PDK_ROOT -t $TARGET_PATH"
diff --git a/.travisCI/travisBuild.sh b/.travisCI/travisBuild.sh
index a607592..68d3fb4 100644
--- a/.travisCI/travisBuild.sh
+++ b/.travisCI/travisBuild.sh
@@ -17,7 +17,10 @@
 git clone https://github.com/efabless/open_mpw_precheck.git
 cd open_mpw_precheck/dependencies
 sh build-docker.sh
-export PDK_ROOT=$TARGET_PATH/pdks
+export PDK_ROOT=$(pwd)/pdks
+mkdir $PDK_ROOT
+cd $TARGET_PATH/open_mpw_precheck/dependencies
 sh build-pdk.sh
 exit 0