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RAPcore Caravel Flow

The Robotic Application Processing Core on the OpenMPW/Caravel Shuttle run sponsored by Google .

RAPcore is a project targeting FPGAs and ASIC devices for the next generation of motor and motion control applications. It is a peripheral that sits between firmwares and motors to free up processing on the microcontroller and greatly simplify the motor driver.

Gate Level Testing

Instructions for running gate-level validation:

Make sure submodules are correct:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Gate-level testing directory:

cd verilog/dv/caravel/rapcore/io_ports
make clean


  • Onboard stepper motor commutator with microstepping
  • Fixed Point Step-Timing Algorithm
  • High-speed Quadrature Encoder Accumulator
  • High-Speed SPI Bus

Build Requirements

See for local development instructions.



ISC License.