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package primitives
import chisel3._
* The SubRegExt module expects the peripheral and it's external logic to maintain the state inside the register
* It simply passes the values received from the software to the peripheral logic outside for writes
* Similarly it passes the value form the peripheral logic to the software for reads
class SubRegExt(DW: Int = 32) extends Module {
val io = IO(new Bundle {
val re = Input(Bool())
val we = Input(Bool())
val wd = Input(UInt(DW.W))
val d = Input(UInt(DW.W))
val qe = Output(Bool())
val qre = Output(Bool())
val q = Output(UInt(DW.W))
val qs = Output(UInt(DW.W))
io.qs := io.d
io.q := io.wd
io.qe := io.we
io.qre :=